Where’s Cathy?

I have a new blog dedicated to weight loss.   Probably boring if you're not into weight loss so I decided to chronicle my adventure apart from Nearly Normal.



I love and appreciate myself – quote from my 2012 calendar

Um, not so much. 

I'm fat, I'm lazy, I'm not a consistently good friend to my oldest and dearest friends.  Ther is always a book to be read or a garment to be knitted that comes before doing what I really need to do.  But I'm working on it.  Dr. Sanity as commented that I'm very hard on myself and I acknowledge that I set standards for myself that I don't expect others to meet.  I think that I was so sick as a kid that I wanted to be perfect in every other way so I wouldn't take even more attention from my sisters that I already did.

So here we go launching 2012 looking toward fulfilling as those New Year's goals.  70 pounds to go, 3 days of exercise a week to institute, more time on Dr. Sanity's couch so I can grow to love my self.  Also need to keep working on the not humble, tolerent or patient thing which is getting much better but still has room to go. 

New Year’s resolutions

Yes I still have them even at 58.  Here they are in all their glory:

Stay in better contact with friends.

Lose weight

Exercise more

Only drink good wine – not necessarily read expensive yea Trader Joe's and Costco

Only read good books – there are too many good books out there to waste time on bad ones.

Use spell check ALL the time

Figure out why I'm getting a space between lines in this post

Don't knit with cheap yarn –  If I'm going to put the effort into knitting something I want it to look like I put some effort into it.

Go on vacation – maybe New Orleans, hopefully Hawaii


On a separate note please keep my friend Shaun in your thoughts and prayers he's in the hospital with a bowel obstruction.

Over the river, through the woods and beyond

To Mike's house we went for our usual Thanksgiving extravaganza.  It was delightful as always.  Every year I marvel at our 20 and 30 somethings turn into grownups before our very eyes.  And now we have a third generation represented yesterday in the form of Elise and her on the way baby brother or sister.  As usual dinner was big enough to feed an army, the table was filled to overflowing with food, love, laughter, toasts, general good cheer and 24 people.  I LOVE IT.

Today I resisted the urge to head to Purls of Joy for what I'm sure was a black Friday yarn sale. Amazing how you can resist things when you have to money!  Instead we finished cleaning out the cabin where a tenant moved out.  I use the term finished loosely as the carpets are so disgusting we have to rip them out as well.  A task for another day and someone not plagued by allergies

She left EVERYTHING.  And I do mean everything up to and including a full refrigerator.  I swept the kitchen floor, stood back to admire my work and concluded you couldn't even tell I'd touched it.  This a floor that was installed less than 6 months ago.

While someone tackled the big things like bed frames, furniture and mattresses I raked, yes raked the carpet.  We managed to get everything out of the place in 2 1/2 hours then I rushed home an took a shower.  I was tempted to toss my clothes in the garbage but they went in the laundry instead.

Now it's time to load up the dumpster, drop acceptable toys at the Salvation Army and burn the rest.

Now I remember why we decided to sell the 30 acres!

So how went your black Friday?