I've been on a purging streak the last couple of weeks – the pantry, the spice cabinet, the stairway bookshelves and the living room bookshelves.  It's been very cleansing.  Kitchen stuff and duplicate spices given away, a carton of books to go to the used bookstore and a large bag to go to the friends of the library.  Left in the house to tackle the bedroom bookshelf and the huge pile of books on the floor in front of it and my closet.  I've lost almost 30 pounds so I know there's stuff that will no longer fit YEAH.  

Then comes the big tackle outside.  The great wall of Mill Creek is covered in wild blackberries yummy to eat but not pleasing on my gardener eye.  In fact the entire area around the house is full of blackberries.  That's what comes of living in the forest.  Any time you rest the blackberries invade.  Little does Larry know that he's going to weed eat the hill so I can Round Up the lovely berries.

I'm able to do all this because I've spent the last four years on Dr. Sanity's couch reclaiming my life after the nasty depression.  Yes for talk therapy and psych drugs.


I love and appreciate myself – quote from my 2012 calendar

Um, not so much. 

I'm fat, I'm lazy, I'm not a consistently good friend to my oldest and dearest friends.  Ther is always a book to be read or a garment to be knitted that comes before doing what I really need to do.  But I'm working on it.  Dr. Sanity as commented that I'm very hard on myself and I acknowledge that I set standards for myself that I don't expect others to meet.  I think that I was so sick as a kid that I wanted to be perfect in every other way so I wouldn't take even more attention from my sisters that I already did.

So here we go launching 2012 looking toward fulfilling as those New Year's goals.  70 pounds to go, 3 days of exercise a week to institute, more time on Dr. Sanity's couch so I can grow to love my self.  Also need to keep working on the not humble, tolerent or patient thing which is getting much better but still has room to go. 

Ew …

I've just finished reading 2 books, Sarah's Key and Notes from the Other Side of Night.  Both in part deal with the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu the former dictator of Romania.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this article while doing further research on the man.

People still worship this vile human being!  And the fact that his children have trademarked his name just creeps me out.

"Last year, Valentin started to move to protect the Ceausescu name from commercial exploitation by registering it as a trademark in Romania. Prior to that it had been used to sell a wide range of products, including chocolates and condoms. The exhumation may be part of an effort to increase the value of the family name." 

What value?