Greater Good

There are a series of Greater Good websites that I click through every day.   Each click represents a unique donation toward a cause.  In this case breast cancer, literacy, rain forest, autism, veterans, animals, child health and finally hunger.

I just noticed for the first time today that the head line on the hunger site reads "Your Actions Here Fight Famine in the Horn of Africa & Combat Hunger in the U.S."  I am appalled that we have dropped to third world country status in regards to hunger.  I'm appalled at our status for uninsured adults and children, at our science and math test scores, at a lot of things.

I have a low simmering rage directed at politicans who put politics before people.


Bought and paid for and other stuff – redux

Let's try this again.

It appears that Wisconsin in now a wholly owned subsidiary of BIG BILLIONAIRES.  The fact that an election can be purchased sends chills down my spine.  It makes me wonder if Romney will be able to purchase his way to the presidency to say nothing of senators, representatives and governors.

In other news we're still waiting for 30 of our 40 acres to sell.  We, mostly Larry, have done a tremondous amount of work getting the property in shape.  He's made numerous trips to the dump in addition to filling a huge dumpster with junk from one particular unit.  It's the one I've written about before.  The one that I needed to rake the rug to get the first level of garbage removed.

My tomatoes are growing by the minute and 2 have blossoms already.  Speaking of blossoms my lime tree which is 3 years old has finally produced what appears to be a nice crop of limes.  The mandarin orange on the other hand has yet to realize it's a fruit tree.  The seeds in the mini greenhouse were kind of a bust but I will have a bumper crop of lemon cucumbers and asian eggplant.

Last but certainly not least I went 2 weeks inbetween visits to Dr. Sanity.  I was a bit worried afterall I've been sitting on her couch weekly for quite a long time but I sailed through.

Medicare part D and me

I'm on medicare and take multiple medications.  I am one of those people who fall into the dreaded "donut hole" in drug coverage.  It's a scary place to be and it happens fast.  You get there once your drug spending gets to $2930.  However it's not when YOUR drug expenses get that high, it's when you and your INSURANCE company's spending hit that target.  Medicare picks up again at $6,657.   Yes you have to spend $3737 to get back into what is referred to as catastrophic coverage. 

While you're in the donut hole, thanks to Obamacare, you only have to pay 50% of the retail price of a brand name drug.  In my case that means that I pay $785 for a 3 month supply of a single drug, $1006 for 4 prescriptions in addition I pay a monthly $99 premium.  I can't imagine what people do when they have multiple high expense drugs. 

Yes I want Obamacare fully implemented asap.

These people hijacked my Church

"How can the warm, nurturing Catholic Church of my youth now be represented in the public arena by uncharitable nasties like Gingrich and Rick Santorum?   "     

What happened to that love for all no matter who church of my college years?  To my great saddness I left it at the Newman Center at UCDavis and have never found it again.  In all too many places it has become backward and narrow minded.  It seems to be hell bent on telling men that they are the only ones capable of making decisions, clearly women cannot be responsible when it comes to their lives and their bodies.  Even nuns are relagated to second class citizenship it this ugly world.