Closet – done, 3 big garbage bags of clothes and a couple of pair of shoes to Goodwill.  Another 2 bags of clothes to friends.  My closet is pretty empty but what a waste letting all the stuff I didn't and wouldn't ever wear to sit for another year.

Bedroom bookshelves – done, with the living room, stairway and bedroom shelves that make 1 cartoon, 2 big bags and three grocery bags of books gone.  Now I know what I've got that I haven't yet read.  No more new books except for bookclub and Rachel Maddow's book Drift until those are gone.

Tomatoes – planted.  They arrived yesterday.  I always get my plants from the Natural Gardening CompanyThis year I got a San Marzano, Black cherry tomato, Amish paste, Costoluto Gevonese, Carmelo and Rampao.  I hope they all grow and prosper this year.  Last year was a sucky year for tomatoes. 

Seeds – most are growing, some so fast you can see them.  More tomatoes, mini bell peppers, 3 kinds of asian egg plant, lemon cucumbers and lots of flowers.


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