Well we'll have to see about that.

I'm been meaning to start some seeds for a few weeks now.  I have this cool little green house that I found at Big Lots and lots of seeds I got from the Seedbank.

Today I finally got them in the seed starter.  Lemon cucumbers, asian trio eggplant, san Marzano tomatoes and white tomatoes.  Also flowers, lots and lots of different flowers to spice up the yard in a few months.  I have no clue where I'm going to plant all the veggies once they spring up as my raised beds have long since been invaded by wild berry bushes.  I guess they'll end up tucked among the flowers.  What an interesting looking garden that will make.

My poor garden has suffered greatly since I was diagnosed with cancer – 6 years ago tomorrow – as I said the blackberries have invaded almost everywhere.  It is disheartening to work on one section of the great wall of Mill Creek only to look down it's 140ft length and see endless berries in front of you.  But one of these days I WILL get them all out and reclaim my beloved garden.

Thanks for the inspiration mfamama.  Here's to gardening with dirt under your nails.


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