Medicare part D and me

I'm on medicare and take multiple medications.  I am one of those people who fall into the dreaded "donut hole" in drug coverage.  It's a scary place to be and it happens fast.  You get there once your drug spending gets to $2930.  However it's not when YOUR drug expenses get that high, it's when you and your INSURANCE company's spending hit that target.  Medicare picks up again at $6,657.   Yes you have to spend $3737 to get back into what is referred to as catastrophic coverage. 

While you're in the donut hole, thanks to Obamacare, you only have to pay 50% of the retail price of a brand name drug.  In my case that means that I pay $785 for a 3 month supply of a single drug, $1006 for 4 prescriptions in addition I pay a monthly $99 premium.  I can't imagine what people do when they have multiple high expense drugs. 

Yes I want Obamacare fully implemented asap.


One thought on “Medicare part D and me

  1. The donut hole is definitely shrinking under Healthcare Reform — starting next year, you will only have to pay 47.5 percent of the price of brand-name drugs (I don’t know why they couldn’t round down to 45 percent). By 2020, the Coverage Gap will be compeltely closed. So thank you for spreading the word that Obamacare is helping people with Medicare!

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