The fruits of our labor

Is sweet to see. 

I was a member of the now retired, we accomplished our goal, Advisory Council for the Sutter Santa Rosa Women' Health Center.  Yes it's a mouthful.  One of our many goals was to establish an Integrative Health program for women with breast cancer and ultimatly to all women with cancer.  The idea was to provide alternative therapy for women going through chemo and radiation.  Alternate therapy includes massage, Jin Shin Jyusto, art therapy, accupunture, etc.

I am so proud to say that yesterday I went to the 'new site' warming and was overwhelmed.  Like a planted seed our idea has bloomed full flower to it's own dedicated space with beautiful treatment rooms with soft colors, piped in music and custom art.  It's also expanded to serve women with all types of cancer and even cared for its first man this week.

Congratulations to the wonderful and dedicated staff, donors and Sutter for growing this program


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