Little house in the forest

Yes it was like the 1700's here last night.  We got 6.6 inches of rain yesterday which had a detremintal effect on a number of trees so it was lights out.

Larry was trapped on the town side of the downed trees until this morning.  Once I established that he and Colin were OK by driving down to the fallen trees and talking to the PG&E crew "Is there a guy in a white truck with a dog?"  "Yes"  I came home and settled in.  I had my propane lantern, my knitting, a glass of wine at my side and a cat in my lap.  I had a fire going, not to say it was roaring but it was going.   All in all quite cozy and safe.


Yoga for my ear?

Yep that's what she said.

I found out yesterday that I have another ruptured eardrum, second since January.  Boo hiss.  No pain and this time no antibiotics.  My regular doc was out of the office so I saw the new and cool Dr. Manfredi.  She recommended yoga to keep the muscles of my head and neck toned to keep my ear canals open.  I love it.

Apple you need some quality control

Dear Apple,

You know I love you.  However, I had to replace my keyboard and mouse a couple of weeks ago, there was an unfortunate incident with the previous ones.

I am now on my second replacement keyboard – soon to be my third – because of a misprogramming in the f function keys.  You see when I try to turn the sound up I get the weather, clock and calculator.  When I try to turn the sound down my internet screen goes away or comes back as the case may be.  When I try to turn off the sound I get a split screen.

Apple WTF?