I love and appreciate myself – quote from my 2012 calendar

Um, not so much. 

I'm fat, I'm lazy, I'm not a consistently good friend to my oldest and dearest friends.  Ther is always a book to be read or a garment to be knitted that comes before doing what I really need to do.  But I'm working on it.  Dr. Sanity as commented that I'm very hard on myself and I acknowledge that I set standards for myself that I don't expect others to meet.  I think that I was so sick as a kid that I wanted to be perfect in every other way so I wouldn't take even more attention from my sisters that I already did.

So here we go launching 2012 looking toward fulfilling as those New Year's goals.  70 pounds to go, 3 days of exercise a week to institute, more time on Dr. Sanity's couch so I can grow to love my self.  Also need to keep working on the not humble, tolerent or patient thing which is getting much better but still has room to go. 


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