No, wait I’m still here

Been a while hasn't it?

Yes I'm still here just been busying getting off one of my psych drugs at my family doctor's request.  Trust me, NEVER go off Klonipin cold turkey.  It's a lovely walk through hell.  One of the side effects of withdrawal is muscle aches and do they ever.  It's been 2 weeks now, my back and shoulders are still in painful knots.  Another is not sleeping, again for 2 weeks but bless her soul Laurie ( my new FP doc who is replacing Amy, sigh) gave me some sleeping pills.  The entire world looks better after aa few good nights sleep!

Other than that I've been keeping busy with my knitting, watching the beloved 49ers win their division and getting ready for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas a merry one to all of you,  happy holidays and I'll see you soon


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