$981 for one month?????????

Yes because I'm now in the Medicare drug gap $981 is what I must pay for 5 prescriptions for 1 month's worth of said prescriptions.  My portion of the gap is a total of $3500.  That's the amount I must pay before my medicare drug plan kicks in again.  So far I've forgone 2 prescriptions because of the cost, the result a runny nose and stuffed up ears.  I've forked out $ 500 for 1 prescription I can't stop taking or things would be ugly around here.  Like leaving Larry and Dr. Sanity letters and heading out to the ocean to drown ugly.

Fortunately the clock resets January 1, but in a bid to make my prescriptions cheaper and my gap smaller I have the priviledge of paying a $99 premium rather than a $20 premium.  This premium is of course separate from the $300 I must pay Medicare (thank you American Express*) AND the $249 Medigap coverage I have.

We need insurance company reform along with healthcare reform.  Healthcare reform on it's own will be a joke unless the insurance companies are forced in line.  All health insurance companies should be non-profit.

Just another reason why I hate George Bush.


*I am disabled from American Express.  Last year they decided that I must get Medicare or some other form of insurance,  BWAAA HAAA.  I'd been told that Medicare premiums were about $120 a month.  Not bad I thought and even with the Medigap premium I'd be saving about $100 a month on insurance.  NOT SO FAST because there's a catch in Medicare if you're under 65 which I am.  I must pay the regular Medicare premium IN ADDITION to a $170 penalty because of my age.


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