Ponder this

As I clicked by way through the greater good websites this morning I saw a nice hoodie for sale.  The catch it had an American flag on it.  To my  despair I immediately discounted it thinking that it would mark  me as a Republican.  How has it come to be that the Republicans  "own" the flag?  It belongs to all of us yet I feel stigmatized as one of "those people" if I wear one.

"Those people" being the ones who care more about the rich than they do the poor, who have ground Congress to a virtual halt in their quest to see President Obama be a one term president, who care more about the "preborn" that they do actual living children.  Did you know that today in 2011 1 in 6 people live below the poverty line and the bulk of them are children?

There is a way you can help at no cost to yourself except a little time.  Go click on each of the Greater Good websites every day.  Help relieve hunger, fund free mammograms, help the veterans, provide food for the hungry, books for children and help save the rainforest.  Go on do it, it's good for you.


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