The budget animals live!


Many moons ago when I still worked I worked for a division of American Express as a budget analyst.

Above are four of the five budget animals, mine is the missing one, that reigned over the Budget and Planning Department along with their friends the mod rocks.  Mod rocks were little plastic pieces that came in boxes of paper clips.  We had scenerios for them.  They guarded the assets of one of our divisions that Amex was selling so they didn't disappear, they helped rescue our VP's car when it got towed while he was on vacation, one even disappeared over the border into Haiti while our director was at a conference in the Dominican Republic.

Our little corner of the building was well known.  First because it was the only all women group in the company, second because all five of us had a very warped sense of humor.  People from all over the building would stop by our cubes to see what the mod rocks where up to while the budget animals watched over them.  Great times.  Barb, Carol, Chris and Marie I still miss those days!


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