Trial and error

Yesterday I shipped back the non-wireless printer and bought a wireless printer for only $10 more. Yea

Today I installed the new wireless printer – sort of yea.  It was one of those if I had a brain I'd be dangerous installations.  Disc drive on imac doesn't work anymore – boo.  You can install the printer via a USB cable (included for once) Yea.

Tried to install the printer driver on ibook yea.  ibook system software not up to date to support printer software – boo.  Try to update system software on ibook, kill ibook – boo.

Now I have a system disc stuck in the disc drive on the ibook and no clue on how to get it out – boo

Copy updated system onto flashdrive to use to install on ibook – yea

ibook still dead so can't update system yet- boo

pour a glass of wine, walk across house to computer, forgot wine glass.

Through up hands, walk back to kitchen and get glass of wine, walk back to computer then email nephew to find out how to resurrect ibook.


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