The $7400 pound puppy


This is Colin.  We adopted him from the Sonoma County Humane Society.  His mother is a purebred German Shepherd, his father a Mastiff (I think British Brindled based on pictures I researched).  Yes he is very cute.

This is Colin showing off his $6700.10 staples from emergency surgery when his stomach flipped and he had to spend 6 days at the emergency vet in July.


And this is Colin in his awesome t shirt that covers the $700 worth of stitches he got on Saturday from possibly running through a piece of barbed wire fence.



Notice that leash?  Colin may never get off it again if he keeps this kind of stuff up!

Yes he is big, his legs are as long as my arms and he weighs 115lbs at the moment.  For perspective that's the back of my baby suv he's standing next to.


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