Grace be thy name

Except you wouldn't know that if you took a look at my knee caps!

I had crossed the street heading toward my car, not looking where I was walking and took a spectacular fall right on my hands and knees.  In front of a bar no less.  The hands were spared the knees, not so much.

Now in addition to explaining the mess on my nose I also get to explain the mess on my knees.

Speaking of my nose it finally cultured out some nasty bacterial infection as I was prescribed double strength Septra for a month.  Unfortunately I'm having a nice allergic reaction to it.  A lovely  rash on my chest, back, arms and hands.  OMG my hands itch so badly I can barely stand it.

Otherwise it's a lovely summer day.  My tomatoes are growing although they may never turn red if we don't get some hot  weather and the deer don't eat them.


One thought on “Grace be thy name

  1. Gack Cath! I sure hope you feel better soon! No fun being sicky yucky itchy in the summer – hell anytime of the year! Get better soon:)

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