The new cause

Since I'm a breast cancer survivor and was part of the Advisory Council at the Breast Care it's time for a new cause.

As such I was asked to be a member of a Survivorship focus group to address cancer after care.

When you have cancer you're wrapped up in diagnosis, treatment, the will to live.  You have support all around you.  Your team of doctors, nurses, etc.  Once you're done you're left hanging.  You learn to deal with the what the hell happened to me and my life is changed for ever all on your own with no road map.  Some people choose to go it alone, some people get a therapist like my much loved Dr. Sanity.

The SFG is working on developing a program which follows people after their diagnosis to watch for long term effects of cancer treatment.  Like how's your head, the possible long term effects of your treatment, to your chances of getting cancer again.

It's something I've wanted to do for a long time.


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